AllAboutJazz interview interview w/ Mike Rivard Mike Rivard: Entranced By The Music By PAUL NASER, Published: September 4, 2014 As globalization blends cultures and markets more and more everyday, it is only natural that artistic traditions and the artists that study … Continue reading

SeacoastOnline interview

SeacoastOnline show preview Club d’Elf brings alien jams to The Press Room By Christopher Hislop, Posted Jan. 1, 2015 One of the more innovative bands in our region resides down in the Boston area. It’s a collective of musicians who … Continue reading

Paris DJs feature

Paris DJs feature August 21, 2011 Paris DJs, Feature Mike Rivard (Club d’Elf) – The Trance Mix “The crux of Moroccan music is trance. Trance as a quality in music has always attracted me, whether it’s an extended James Brown … Continue reading

Paris DJs interview

Paris DJs interview June 2011 Paris DJs Interview of Mike Rivard / Club d’Elf (english) By Nicolas Ragonneau 01. Is Electric Moroccoland your declaration of love to sintir and oud? More or less it’s a musical love letter to Morocco, … Continue reading

The WireNH interview

The Wire NH interview April 19, 2011 The Wire NH Surrender to the sound: Club d’Elf Mike Rivard’s interest in Moroccan music developed in stages. As a young musician, a friend played him a cassette by Mahmoud Guinia, a master … Continue reading

MySecretBoston interview

My Secret Boston interview April 21, 2011 Interview w/ Mike Rivard By Matt Bartlett Nobody stirs the senses of self exploration better than the Boston-based collective Club d’Elf. This trance-tinged groove syndicate combines the outer reaches of the celestial … Continue reading