A sintir groove meditation in 15/8 for my friend and bandmate Roberto Cassan, gone far too soon.

I transcribed Maalem Mustapha Baqbou’s sintir part on Hamouda from the Bill Laswell-produced CD “Night Spirit Masters”

For a number of years now at Hallowe’en time I take on the persona of Skeleton Sintir Man and scare kids at the Jamaica Plain Lantern Parade

Some sintir improv from early on in my study of the instrument

Voice of America feature on Club d’Elf on the occasion of the release of Electric Moroccoland/So Below, featuring John Medeski, Hassan Hakmoun & Brahim Fribgane

Excerpt from Club d’Elf’s performance in Quito at Ecuador Jazz 2016 in Feb ’16

More sintir improv

In 2004 Orchestra Morphine performed in Ouro Preto, Brazil. In this clip from backstage i play the riff i had just written that would evolve into the Club d’Elf tune “Sand”, dedicated to Sandman

In 2009 I accompanied a delegation from Somerville, Ma to Tiznit, Morocco where we formally initiated a sister-city partnership. At the tail end of the trip I got to go to Essaouira and visit with Maalem Mahmoud Guinia